The Concert is free with Friday night Rodeo ticket

The Munsick Boys Band has become a staple in the field of western entertainment.  This Sheridan, Wyoming family has been making music together since dad Dave could get his sons to fit their hands around a guitar neck.  All now accomplished musicians in their own right, each member of The Munsick Boys sing, play multiple instruments, and join forces to forge new directions in the world of western roots music.  Dave, a former New Mexico State Fiddle Champion and band leader of several bands, writes, plays, and sings of times and places with no borders.  Tris, leader of Tris Munsick and The Innocents, writes, plays, and sings of the west that nominated him for album of the year for both Wyoming as well as the Rocky Mountain region.  Sam writes, plays, and sings of the cowboy life that runs deeply in his veins.  

The Munsick Boys have a sound, a harmonic blend of open sky folk and classic country, that has long been a favorite among those traveling the journey down the trail of western culture. They have opened for acts that include Lyle Lovett and Suzie Boguss and were voted the 2016 Western Band of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists in Fort Worth, Texas.